In which Mildred is very boring

Jul. 20th, 2017 09:49 am
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But very pleased with herself. Adulting accomplished this week:
  • Scheduled electricity service for my stepdaughter's new apartment.

  • Ditto gas.

  • Ditto internet.

  • Figured out local tax and business registration laws regarding my stepdaughter's freelancing activities and gave her the info.

  • Scheduled a pickup for the neighbor's old sofa that she's left sitting on the porch and promised and promised she'll get someone to take away for a year, and which has been driving my wife crazy.

  • Put my exercise bike on freecycle, craigslist, and facebook, and got it taken away.

  • Disassembled and threw out the laptop stand for said bike.

  • Arranged a donation pickup for my wife's and my old books, clothes, etc.

  • Scheduled a dental appointment.

Phone calls made: 6

(I haaate phone calls. I woke up Monday morning well-rested and high-energy, and I took advantage to make myself at least get started on almost everything on the list before noon; otherwise I was going to procrastinate forever.)

*Fingers crossed* for more exciting accomplishments coming this evening and tomorrow evening.

Followup on yesterday's post

Jul. 9th, 2017 10:59 am
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Upon further observation and collection of data points, the most likely explanation is that I've been taking much longer to fall asleep than I'd thought. See, I'd been trying to observe good sleep hygiene practices and not check the time after I go to bed, so I'd been going by my subjective sense of time passing. I may have been...a little overoptimistic.

I went to bed super tired at 8:45 last night, and allowed myself to check the time because I didn't have work today and could sleep in, and I was still awake at 12:30. So if I've been consistently falling asleep around 1 or later, and waking up at 7:45, that would make sense of why I've been productive at work but not capable of creative work.

So that's one mystery cleared up. Next mystery: how to get my brain to fall asleep a bit faster. (4 hours is nothing unusual for me; I should have known I was deluding myself on the 2 hours.)

I napped yesterday enough to write a respectable amount, but was still groggy and mostly useless. Then I actually slept in this morning and appear to be all caught up on sleep. The goal is to write as much as possible today before I prepare to be tired all week while I try to straighten this out.

Why is sleep so hard? You'd think not doing anything would be simple to achieve. It is apparently the Hardest Thing in the World for me.


Jul. 8th, 2017 10:41 am
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I have no idea what's going on, but for the last week, no matter how much sleep I get, it doesn't seem to be enough. Every day I optimistically say I'm going to work on my fic, and every day I open the file, write two words, and close it again, because I am just *so* tired. And I swer I've been going to bed consistently around 8:45-9:15, falling asleep within two hours, and waking up at 7:45 on weekdays and 9 am today, and it's still not enough. This is after a week of insomnia a couple weeks ago.

It's extremely frustrating, because there is so little left on my fic that if I could just sleep, I could knock it out and be done with the thing. But no. Also my hyperfixation is letting up a bit, and I could be doing other things! Like these 7 bunnies I have, mostly AU. I have ideas and inspiration and scenes, but it's taking all my concentration just to string together enough words to write this post. Creativity is out of the question.

And goodness knows, I'd like to read and study, and go places, and exercise. I was planning to enjoy this summer now that my epic fic hyperfixation is letting up. But so far, any time I'm not hyperfixated, I'm incredibly groggy.

I'm eating breakfast and then planning a nap. Last Saturday my napping was successful and I wrote a bit in the afternoon/evening.

If I'm successful, you won't hear from me. If I'm not, you may get rambly posts because I'm too tired to do anything else.

New York

Jul. 8th, 2017 09:54 am
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I'm going to New York! This will be my...fourth?...visit. It is my favorite place in the world. Florence is a close second, but not speaking Italian makes it just a little stressful.

I'm planning on taking the Megabus down the Friday before Labor Day, spending Sat-Sun-Mon in Manhattan, and coming back Tuesday. This is an awesome vacation that only requires me to take 2 days off work.

Monday morning at 8:30 I'm doing the EmptyMet tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, my favorite place in New York. It's where you go before the museum opens at 10, and you get a 90-minute guided tour with 24 other people, and the museum is empty except for employees turning on lights and stuff, and all the reviews say it's awesome!

I'm also going to see the Cloisters for the first time, with a friend who lives in New York (lucky) and is a medievalist.

And then, ten days after I get back, I leave for my road trip!


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